Research at Agave

The Agave Team  has several ongoing research projects in the field of tongue tie and breastfeeding and we periodically present our findings at various national and international conferences.

Some of the current research projects at Agave on various aspects of tongue tie include:

i) Genetics of tongue ties. A large number of patients with tongue tie have other family members with diagnosed or suspected tongue ties. We are studying the inheritance patterns of tongue tie and have identified both autosomal dominant and recessive inheritance patterns. We believe that multiple genes may be involved in development of non-syndromic tongue ties. We plan on enrolling such families for further gene mapping and identification studies.

ii) Analytical studies on improvement of maternal and infant symptoms after frenectomy. A statistical modelling and analysis study  in pediatric patients of different age groups is being performed to identify clinical correlates of symptomatic improvement in collaboration with ASU. A recent review and meta-analysis  found that a small body of evidence suggests that frenotomy may be associated with improvements in breastfeeding as reported by mothers, and potentially in nipple pain, but with small short-term studies, inconsistently conducted, strength of evidence was generally low to insufficient.

Comparative Effectiveness Review: 

Treatments for Ankyloglossia and Ankyloglossia With Concomitant Lip-Tie. Comparative Effectiveness Review No. 149. (Prepared by the Vanderbilt Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-2012-00009-I.) AHRQ Publication No. 15-EHC011-EF. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; May 2015. By Francis DO et al; Publication in 2015 in Pediatrics

Agave is conducting studies to confirm these findings in one of the largest collection of tongue tie patients systematically followed at a single practice, so as to add to the strength of evidence.

iii) Development of intra-oral vacuum pressure monitoring device. A novel device is being developed that, in collaboration with LightScalpel and PADT Inc, that can be used to quantitatively asses dysfunctional breastfeeding associated with tongue ties and follow its improvement after the surgery.

The research team at Agave is headed by Drs. Rajeev Agarwal & Abhay Vats. We would be happy to discuss our current and past projects with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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