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The Agave Approach provides a comprehensive program for management of tongue and lip ties. Our team is dedicated to help you at every step and we encourage you to contact us for any information--we will hold your hand all the way.


Our commitment to you starts even before you see one of our providers and we will make your and your child's journey before, during & after the procedure as smooth as possible. The following sections show some of the steps and documents needed to help you through the procedures. 

Before procedure

As a parent you will be contacted by our coordinator prior to the procedure and will be sent a letter. 

You will need to register and  have a consultation with one of our providers for evaluation of tongue or lip tie in your child and  the need for the procedure.

Download Registration Packet 

In English: here.

In Spanish: here

Scheduling for the procedure

The procedure

After the initial consult, the procedure will be scheduled. You will need to sign the appropriate consent form(s).

Tongue tie/Lip tie consent form in English

Pre-Procedure Exercises: (0-2 years)

Pre-Procedure Exercises: (2+ years)

Pain Management Instructions

Mini FAQ (see our FAQ tab above for more details)


After care instructions in Spanish

After procedure

It is very important to follow post -procedure instructions and do the exercises / stretches as advised. You may also need to give your child pain medications  after the surgery. Follow these links for more information on what to do  after the procedure:

Post-Procedure Exercises (0-2 years)

Post-Procedure Exercises (2+ years)

Considerations and Aftercare

Exercise video 

Lip tie release aftercare

Instructions and what to expect after the procedure in Spanish

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