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May 27


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Are you having trouble bottle feeding your child? Always changing formula, need to change your child’s clothes after a feeding or they are taking greater then 30 minutes to finish a bottle? Let’s hear what you have to say.

Since my daughter was 3 weeks old I've been told shes "allergic to that fomula" we have tried every single brand and type of formula they make all the way down to puramino and she still suffers from severe constipation. we see a GI specialist who cant figure out what is wrong with her and what is causing her to be constipated 24/7. Until 2 weeks ago no one ever bothered to check for a tongue tie or anything she is now 13 months old. I had no idea it was even a thing and that it can cause digestive problems we have spent weeks and months during stays at PCH for none to find or understand what is happening to her! I really hope I can find answers now. My daughter has never had a normal poop without having to take laxatives 3x a day... I keep being told that no one will do an allergen test on her to actually prove shes allergic to dairy cause I don't believe she truly i . I currently have her on pea protein milk directed from her GI Dr. But I've never been proved proof of a dairy allergy or any type of allergy. She has had scopes and biopsies to find nothing... sorry totally didn't mean to type a story.

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  • Some of the following signs and symptoms of problematic bottle feeding could be due to tongue tie. We would like to also caution you that while these symptoms may be red flags to evaluate for tongue function, some of these may be caused by other factors, such as: a fast flow rate, swallowing difficulties or dysphagia, gastro-esophageal reflux, etc. But do look out for the following symptoms: Difficulty latching to the bottle, Gagging when bottle nipple is presented, Chewing/gumming the bottle nipple, Clicking sounds while sucking, Collapsing the nipple, Pulling away from the bottle frequently, Dribbling while feeding, Coughing during feeds Does you child have any such symptoms.