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Katie Neuer, DO

Katie Neuer DO

Undergraduate: Arizona State University

Medical School:  Des Moines University

Residency:  Family Medicine at Mountain Vista Medical Center, Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine at Midwestern University

Fellowship:  Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) at Des Moines University

Board Certified: Yes

Recognition: Assistant Professor at Midwestern University

Interests:  She enjoys hiking, and here in Arizona there is a lot to see! Any sightseeing vacation makes for a great trip!

Office Locations: Glendale, Chandler

Dr. Neuer is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This is a thorough and robust education in traditional medicine and an additional education in the disease and pathology of the musculoskeletal system of the human body.  Osteopathic physicians can work in all areas of medicine, and can prescribe all medications.

She has had the great privilege of learning from world renowned osteopathic physicians who trained her in medicine and showed her the great compassion that physicians have for their patients. She endeavors to help parents, grandparents, and families understand the wide variety of medical concerns that Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) can address and the benefits every child can experience from being treated. Her goal is to increase access for patients to a physician that treats with OMM. In this regard, she has a heartfelt goal to teach medical students and residents, specifically to improve confidence in their OMM skills.  

As a specialist in the area of OMM, Dr. Neuer helps with restoration of the body to the original intended functionality. She has been treating patients with highly complex diseases and dysfunctions for the past seven years and has a deep understanding of the human body's innate ability to heal and restore. Many of her patients come to see her after being seen by a variety of other providers that simply have no further treatments to offer. Her greatest aspiration is to help children, who are at the beginning of life, in order to restore their body's functionality so that they may live fully and completely.  She has treated all age groups of patients, and believes that treating children is a special calling. 

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