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Signs & Symptoms:

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Other references:

"Infants at the highest risk for rising weight patterns appear to benefit the most from longer breastfeeding duration."

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"The women in this study described a somewhat harrowing journey, which was at odds with the natural experience they had anticipated."

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"This review of research literature analyses the evidence regarding tongue-tie to determine if appropriate intervention can reduce its impact on breastfeeding cessation, concluding that, for most infants, frenotomy offers the best chance of improved and continued breastfeeding."

Edmunds J, Miles S, Fulbrook P. Tongue-tie and breastfeeding: a review of the literature. Breast Rev. 2011;19(1):19-26.

The following paper supports treatment using a multidisciplinary team - "evolution following the breastfeeding sessions, the myofunctional stimulation, and the lingual frenotomy was very favourable, thereby solving the suction problems that the newborn presented."

Ferrés-Amat E, Pastor-Vera T, Rodríguez-Alessi P, Ferrés-Amat E, Mareque-Bueno J, Ferrés-Padró E. Management of Ankyloglossia and Breastfeeding Difficulties in the Newborn: Breastfeeding Sessions, Myofunctional Therapy, and Frenotomy. Case Rep Pediatr. 2016;2016:3010594. doi:10.1155/2016/3010594

"This case study confirms that ankyloglossia may reduce maternal milk supply and that frenotomy can improve milk removal by the infant."

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"Ultrasound imaging demonstrated that milk flow from the nipple into the infant's oral cavity coincided with both the lowering of the infants tongue and peak vacuum."

Geddes DT, Kent JC, Mitoulas LR, Hartmann PE. Tongue movement and intra-oral vacuum in breastfeeding infants. Early Hum Dev. 2008;84(7):471-477. doi:10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2007.12.008

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