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The Team

Our team offers an inter-disciplinary and comprehensive management of tongue and lip ties in children of all ages, including non-surgical and surgical management. The surgical management includes: pre-surgery consultation, laser surgery (also called a frenectomy), and post-surgery care (including breastfeeding support and bodywork as needed).

With well over a decade of experience and thousands of successful corrective procedures (frenectomies), we are the leading experts for the management of tongue tie - not just in the Phoenix area, but all over the country.

Meet the members of the tongue tie team at Agave Pediatrics (click anyone's name for more information)

Rajeev Agarwal MD

Rajeev Agarwal, MD

Founder & Frenectomy Provider

Davina Garcia IBCLC RN

Davina Garcia, IBCLC, RN

Breastfeeding Specialist 

Laurie Jones MD

Laurie B. Jones, MD

Pediatrician & Lactation Specialist

Michelle Hottya IBCLC, RLC

Michelle Hottya, IBCLC, RLC

Breastfeeding Specialist 

Sharon Olson IBCLC
Michaela Zach IBCLC

Michaela Zach, IBCLC

Breastfeeding Specialist 

Mona Waheed IBCLC, CLC

Mona Waheed, IBCLC, CLC

Breastfeeding Specialist & Patient Liaison

Sharon Olson, IBCLC

Breastfeeding Specialist

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